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  • 1 Construction of social housing
  • 2 Infrastructural works
  • 3 Renewable Energy
  • 4 Agricultural desalination systems
  • 5 Desalination, purification and potabilization of water facilities

Cotramex Group has subsidiaries in Europe, South America and Africa. Its operations and activities are developed in South America: Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Africa: Senegal, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Cotramex activity is focusing on the following sectors:

- Construction individual housing and urbanization ( for social and private use).

- Public works in infrastructure (hospitals, roads, highways, bridges etc.).

- Construction renewable power plants (hydro, wind, solar).

- Planet water treatment (drinking water purifiers and desalination for agricultural use).


by Consorcio Iredium S.A.
Guayaquil - Ecuador
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